Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fingerprint Art

I have had a gigantic toothache and haven't been doing much. I played around with some ink pads.
Making fingerprint pictures. I made a lot of these in the late 1970's. Not silly faces, but little scenes with tiny fingerprint characters on watercolor paper, matted and placed in a 3"x3" frame under glass. Forgot about them until today.


Whytefeather said...

The fingerprint faces are neat, I really like that.

I also really like the beading, it fits the month. Kind of a chaos background with a punch. I'm sorry you hated it though, it sucks to put effort in to a project just to end up hating it and ripping out all the work.

I hope your tooth ache goes away and you feel better... and that you love the next beading project you work on! Hugs, be well :)

Barbara said...

I know the feeling of not liking my beading and ripping it out. Thankfully, beading stitches are easier to rip out than machine sewing stitches. I do like that green flower!