Thursday, August 26, 2010

Polymer Sculpture-Native American

I used ProSculpt polymer clay over an aluminum foil armature for this sculpture of a Native American.
I did not sand or refine the finish on this sculpture either. I like the texture and rawness of the surface.
Sometimes I like sculpting the eyes from polymer and other times, as in this sculpture, I used glass eyes.
I used leather, suede and rabbit fur to complete the piece.


coltpixy said...

Absolutely fabulous! Very expressive face.

Barbara said...

Marlene, you have captured the persona completely. Your work is amazing!

Rhonda said...

The shops in Sedona are going to be calling you. Beautiful work, Marlene.

bbdyevr said...

I LOVE when you do your people..
such expressive faces, always.
Your talent is ever amazing and all encompassing...
Just love to see what you've created each post...always a feast for the eyes AND the spirit!
Wonderful face on this guy!