Friday, September 25, 2009

Bangles, Pins & Pendants, Oh My.

Worked on some odds and ends again. Finished the below pendant and am happy with the cut-outs, texturing and layering.
I was inspired by the Bakelite I saw in California and wanted to try my hand at sculpting a faux piece. Will give it a quick polish on the buffing wheel and glue the pinback on.
A pretty agate-like faux stone. I think it will be beautiful after it is polished and strung.
I wanted an organic "coral-like" wreath for the upcoming holidays. This is a good base. Will add some crystals, fresh water pearls and a pinback.
I have been wanting to make some big bulky bangles and finally have them out of my system. Used up the leftovers from the cane I used for the buttons.
Below is the largest of the lot and my favorite.
What I like the best about making jewelry from polymer clay is that you can customize it to accessorize anything.

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