Thursday, September 10, 2009

Polymer Clay Buttons n' Beads

I had some scrap clay that ended up a pretty grey color. It had a hint of plum in it and was perfect for this linen plum jacket. I made a triangle cane out of the scrap clay thinking I was going to make a kaleidoscope pin or pendant at some point, but ended up with buttons and beads. For whatever reason, I don't like the above abalone buttons. In the Arizona heat, they peel and crack or become sharp on the edges and tear the buttonhole stitching. I like my new polymer clay buttons on the new hooded jacket from Bryn Walker clothing.
Obviously haven't strung the below beads yet, but wanted to get this posted as I am still packing. Can't imagine if I won a three week trip to Europe.
Just emptied one "someday I'll finish this" box and now I am starting another. Oh well.
I really like these a lot. They turned out better than I thought they would.

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