Monday, September 28, 2009

One of a Kind Babies

I usually make about ten of these sets a year. I counted them last night and I have fifteen. My I've been busy. The stitches are single and double crochet worked in various patterns.
The sets are one of a kind. They include a blanket, panties, booties, a dress (or sun suit, sweater, romper or gown) and a hat (or headband), a bottle and an accessory such as a rattle, diaper bag, pillow or purse (working on some polymer clay pumpkins for Halloween).
The below lavender and white set has a separate white ruffle slip (shown on left) that adds a bit more flounce. These are the only sandals and wide brim hat I have in the sets.
Below is a beautiful popcorn stitch bunting set that is my favorite. It just turned out so perfect and was a joy to make.
The below bag has dividers in it, just like a real diaper bag.
I hand sculpted the cake, flowers and leaves from air dry polymer clay.
A polymer clay book that I may or may not paint a "cover" on.

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Rhonda said...

How adorable, you never cease to amaze me.