Friday, September 18, 2009

Renewed and Inspired

I named this retreat "OMG" because I was constantly saying "Oh my God." Everywhere I looked, it took my breath away. Serene, majestic, unbelievable and the smell of flowers and lavender everywhere were fantastic.
Went to a small french bakery for breakfast one morning and this quaint ice cream bike was parked out in front.
I have never been in Europe, but I think you could stand in Tuscany and say it reminds you of Napa Valley.
Just unbelievably beautiful.
A sweet little bike with a wicker basket was parked in front of some red doors leading to an apartment located over some store fronts.

There were two cement lions on the stairway leading to this courtyard outside the Italian restaurant I had dinner at.
The entrance to the courtyard. Pots of rosemary and thyme interspersed between the lush ivy gracing the red brick garden walls.
Dusk. The sun getting ready to settle in for the night. Watched two deer grazing not ten feet away. I did not have enough good light and could not get a picture of them. They were magnificent (honest).
Just more beautiful scenery. I am so inspired to paint, I can hardly contain myself. My weekend schedule is filled, so first thing Monday, I am hoping to start. Talk about feeling renewed, re-energized and inspired. I even kept a journal which I have never done. I didn't want to forget a moment. I did take tons of pictures, but these are a nice sampling I hope you have enjoyed.

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Rhonda said...

LET'S all move to Napa, get ready set GO!!!