Sunday, September 20, 2009

Relaxing in the Treetops

The infinity pool and hot tub overlooked the mountains and vineyards. Can't get any better than this (have I said that enough?). Heaven, absolute heaven. I do love the colors and textures in rocks, sticks and leaves. The below photo will be the base for a simple necklace of river rocks and fall leaves.
Below was a green lush vineyard and not far from there was .......
the below vineyard. So interesting how extremely opposite they were.
Beautiful white billowy clouds nestled in the base of the mountains where rusted wire fencing surrounded a beautiful red and white barn.
A mural painted on the side of a downtown building. So cool.
Below was another mural on a building down a side street. The colors were intense.
The below two murals were in downtown Napa.
The colors were a bit faded, but nonetheless beautiful.
Another weird, crooked bridge photo that will end up as a graphic in an abstract painting at some point.
And finally, a streetcar named......
It was a leisurely lunch by the water in San Fransisco before heading to the airport. Just loved the yellow ochre with the white and black set against the baby blue sky and water. Tomorrow I will post a couple of tablescapes and recipes from the trip.

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