Friday, September 11, 2009

Sculpting n Stringing Gemstones

I will be taking a 5 day little art retreat; getting inspired and feeding my artful soul. Taking tons of pictures, painting a little and crocheting some, but mostly stopping to smell the roses. I worked on a couple of completely different projects today. Finished this little polymer clay baby and was happy with it until I over-painted her lips.

Polymer clay drapes beautifully; just like fabric. After it is oven cured, it will retain its shape. She was a fun experiment. After finishing the baby, I went back to stringing because I wanted to clean up my tray area before leaving. I strung four gemstone necklaces which I promptly packed . I took "before" pictures with every intention of taking "after" pictures, but time ran short and this is as far as I got with the pictures. They did turn out quite nicely if I do say so myself. Basically strung as you see them above and below. Hope you have a good week of creating.

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