Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gourd Sculpture Part 1

I'm continuing to make things more difficult for myself. I KNOW I cannot do a smooth sculpt with Paperclay and yet.....I'm going to try to get it as clean as possible. I'm using a purchased gourd that I have painted with Golden's White Block Out Paint.
I use a baked polymer clay "smoother" for shaping my aluminum foil head armature. I use a Makins tool for indenting the features. I try to sculpt as much as I can in the aluminum so the head does not become too heavy.
However, I can already see that the head is going to be too large, but am I going to stop? Nope. Just going to go with it. I wired the exaggerated arms and neck and will add the Apoxie Clay to the neck and shoulder "T" and let that dry overnight. Continued......


Anonymous said...

Will be following the progress on this, Marlene. Your process is creative and so interesting! (PS: I think the head is a perfect size. :)

Its All About Creating said...

Thanks.....it's keeping me busy. I've never done a gourd, so I'm winging the process. Although, it should be very solid by the time I am done.