Thursday, October 1, 2009

Polymer Clay Demonstration

I was going through more photographs and trying to organize them when I came across these photos of a demo I did on polymer clay here in Sun City West, AZ. I had a great turn out and was amazed at the number of people who still do not know about polymer clay and the world of joy it offers.
I also supplied information about a beading club here that offers classes in polymer clay. I thought I did a bang up job on the demo, but was disappointed that I could not talk the coordinator out of removing the tacky sign on the front of my table.
I had samples of different brands of polymer clay and lots of examples of what you can do with them. The local newspaper here asked me to write an article about polymer clay which also turned out great (patting myself on the back). Still, it always amazes me when I hear "But how did you get all these paint colors in there?" Or, "Where did you get this fabric, it's great." No, it's polymer clay.
It's great getting the word out and seeing the light bulbs go off when a person realizes what they might create with this medium. Just so cool.

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