Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bead Journal March

I was looking through some of my sculptural beaded pieces and came across this one, which I still have not mounted or framed. It's called "Circle of Life".

I haven't mounted or framed it because I haven't decided on a backing or color. Then I came across the below sculptural peyote bracelet with my polymer clay skinner blend leaves. The turquoise flower turned out, but the gold one didn't. I hate the orange Russian leaf and touches of red and orange. I should have kept it in the blues and greens.
Anyway, I was looking for inspiration because I ripped out the fist piece I had for the March Bead Journal Project and started the below piece. It's just the beginning of the process so I will have to give it some time. No sketch or forethought to this one.
My first piece for March did not turn out because I used a material for the base that was not conducive to beading; a sticky backed felt.
What a mess.

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Carol Creech said...

I like the Circle of Life piece - very organic. Reminds me of moss, actually. Love the colors.