Saturday, February 6, 2010

Painted Ladies in Polymer Clay

My interpretation of the famous row of Painted Ladies Victorian Homes. So far, there are 7 pins and two pendants. A bracelet is just in the sketching stage, but I'm hoping this will become an ongoing series for me.
It's a short blog this morning because I'm flying out the door to catch a ride to Chandler, Arizona (an hour away) where I will be participating in the first day of a two day workshop with Tory Hughes.
So, it's short, but sweet. Come on, you know you think they're cute. It's the cardboard cut-out that makes me giggle. All I need are some little polymer clay cars zooming down that road of life.


bbdyevr said...

Yer right! I DO love them! ANd my piece, too..:-)
The shape is great & so whimsical...makes me smile right away. The coloring & as you said, cut-out look is perfect!
Again you have outdone yourself.

Melobeau said...

I LOVE your Victorian houses. I'm not exactly sure just why, but they make me SMILE. They make me want to enter this magic place and dream.