Friday, February 12, 2010

Painted Transfers

I've never made a book cover and thought I'd give it a try using a transfer. I got carried away with inscribing the lines and when I showed it to Tory Hughes, she said ever so sweetly, "Oh no, it's just fine....heavy lining such as this symbolizes rain in Japanese drawings and carvings, so leave it."
I learned that less is more in carving and cutting. Do a little and if it needs more, you can always add it.
But if it's overdone, it can't always be fixed by calling it "rain".
I do like it though. But I think I am going to try lightly painting in some acrylic color in the lower half of the piece (even though I just said less is more). Just a watered down glaze. And now that I am writing, I think it will be beautiful as a tile in a wall hanging with some faux polymer ivory, wood and brass components in the composition.


Kathy said...

You know, just looking at this without reading any of what you wrote, I was thinking it was an amazingly awesome look, that you'd really achieved an antique wood kind of look and that the lines were intended to be a kind of old separating wood grain. I like it just like it is! But, if that's not what you meant to happen, just call it rain. LoL.

miramecreations said...

It looks like she is behind a sheer curtain, Marlene. I like the look of it. The carving is exquisite! Beautiful piece and it would look great hanging somewhere!