Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lucky Snake Eyes

I love making polymer clay snakes from canes and adding Swarovski crystals to them.
If the snake doesn't catch your eye, the crystals do.
I just liked the colors and the pattern and think it will be a pendant. The pattern runs through, so sanding and buffing should really make it pop.
Tried more transfers. This one turned out great.
The couple are Z gauge model railroad plastic people. A while ago I experimented baking them in a polymer clay pendant. Didn't work; they melted quite a bit. I cut the pendant apart, sculpted a leafless tree, two birds and a large valentine heart. Hit it with the heat gun and it cured just fine. Probably because I used the heat gun and not the oven. Anyway, there are several scenarios I thought were pretty funny that went with this, but not worth the space.

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