Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sculpture, Buttons and Molds

This small sculpture is "in process". I think I want to bead a head piece, but then, maybe just hair.
And I glued it on a small thin piece of wood, why I don't know because it makes for a bulky pin.
This was the first batch of buttons. I hated them, so I've started another set.
I made some molds and didn't have any luck with them either. My very favorite piece I really, really wanted a mold of, got destroyed.
The two part silicone went too deep and my little piece was too dry and it just ate it. Some of it came off in pieces, but the rest is like cement in the middle. So, today was the yang of the ying.

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Trishia said...

I love your sculpture in process. The face is so rich in character.