Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bead Journal January

I've chosen a 2"x6" base, folded in half. I've finished the beading on the cover and now have the inside to finish. The blue background behind the sequins is polymer clay.
The sequins are enclosed in dimensional resin gloss which is cured in a UV lamp. The end result is a glass-like hard finish (see December 3, 2009 post for UV lamp details).
The inside is bendable Sculpey polymer clay because I want to be able to open and close it.
I'm probably three-quarters finished. Yay. It has taken over and I'm just following the process.
We were sitting on the patio last night watching the sunset. I was snapping photo after photo and finally asked my husband to take some as he is quite tall and has a different perspective. This is one he took of the mountain against the golden orange sky; now my favorite. Later, there was a falling star. What a night, what a gift.


bbdyevr said...

COOL piece!
Love all the color & the design is very cool!
What are you putting inside??

The sunsets have been wonderful lately haven't they?
Thanks for documenting them on your blog!

You are so artistically prolific! Makes me want to create, create, create!

Thanks for the inspirations!

Debi W.

Rhonda said...

Mar - that is so cool - did you see my journal I made? Are we having fun yet? YEAH

Robin said...

WOW!!! I am sooooooooooooo impressed with this! I am already holding my breath until next Wednesday to see more!

Robin A.

Barbara said...

Lovely piece! Your use of clay is very imaginative. Lovely sunset too.

Miri Agassi said...

Beautiful!! I love the colors. It is a beautiful peace. :)
Miri A.

Barb said...

The piece is great. I loved the way you presented it, too. Very cool. But ooooh, your polymer clay work is incredible!!

Its All About Creating said...

Wow, what great comments! Thank you one and all. Thank you, thank you. - Marlene