Monday, January 11, 2010


If I remember right, I learned this tip from the Jana Roberts Benzon workshop. Using a quilting mirror will give you a reflection of what the end result of your pattern will look like. Below is is my cane pattern- one piece of paper (the triangle in the middle). As I slide it toward the mirror, it is reflected multiple times by the two sides of the mirror. Below are patterns I have sketched out, some colored in and some not. But based on the first photo at the top, you can see how valuable this quilting mirror is for reflecting finished patterns. Below is a reverse magnifying glass. I learned this tip in a painting workshop. By standing back and looking through it, I can clearly see my light and dark values. The same with the below security door viewer. It is also a reverse magnifier. I like this one for polymer clay and the other for painting. Good Lord, look at those age spots! Things can always be worse, so I'm not going to sweat the small stuff. I've had a long fun day and am punchy. Time to hit the hay. Hope your weekend was good to you.

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