Saturday, January 16, 2010

Black n White Kaleidoscope

My husband had to have all four wisdom teeth extracted yesterday afternoon. He slept a great deal of time when we got home so I worked on putting some canes together.
Made some new ones, used some old ones and tried my hand at Judy Belcher's Tessellation cane. Her book, "Polymer Clay Creative Traditions" is one of my favorites.
Below are the 3 spirals and one checkerboard cane that make up the top middle triangle. It was supposed to be a right angle (not a triangle), but I was tired and didn't feel like arguing with it.
I am still having fun with the designs and will post more tomorrow, but for right now,
my husband is asking for his dinner - a Culver's chocolate malt and a bag of ice.


bbdyevr said...

Love these designs! Very intricate & beautiful.
I can't decide which I like the best...all will be wonderful worn with Summer white Linen tops!!

Karen S said...

Love the cane work -- very inspirational, makes me want to get out my clay...

Its All About Creating said...

Thank you. I really appreciate getting comments. They have really kept me going.