Thursday, January 7, 2010

Try, Try Again

The first time I tried making the tiger cane, I failed. The above photo is what is is supposed to look like and the below photos are from the failed cane.
No resemblance to a tiger cane. I tried to salvage something from all that work.
I turned the failed cane on its side and cut it with a wavy blade. The first cut looked like 6 bearded singers to me so I poked the holes, textured it, inlaid the faux turquoise and baked it.
The next few cuts were not fragmented, but full slices. To me, they looked like wood cut on a lathe.
If nothing else, I thought I would use them in a tile collage. So, I baked them and put them in with the rest of the stored tiles.
I really wanted that tiger cane; I was determined to give it another try. After figuring out that I over blended the Skinner blend and lost too much of the light beige, I tried it again and succeeded. Yay.

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Your Daily Muse News said...

I have not tried that cane yet, looks fun, i liked the cut that looked like wood !