Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Polymer Beads

Multi-veined leaf cane layered over scrap clay. I really liked how these turned out and will be making more. Little cabbage beads.
The black and white cane leftovers made some great beads. I want to start a sampler of black and white beads and this is a good start.
The chevron cane that didn't turn out made some nice red, white and blue beads.
I sort them according to color and keep them on my display shelf to enjoy for a little while and
then they are placed in zip lock bags and await finishing (manual sanding, tumbling, coating or leave unfinished).

1 comment:

bbdyevr said...

Oh I WANT these beads!!
How cool are they?!?!
They will make such a cool necklace
WOW!! (Again)