Saturday, January 2, 2010

Festive Beadwork

Sculptural Peyote was the first beading stitch I learned and it quickly became my favorite. No pattern to get frustrated with, no rules, can't make a mistake, just go where it takes you.
Instantly, I knew why I had been collecting beads for years. Everything fell into place; at least in the beading world. Which is another reason why I fell in love with beading; it was something I couldn't fail at. I was always falling short in everything else. Seemed like the harder I tried to please everyone, it just wasn't enough. But this made me happy.
I could bead in the car, on the train, on a trip, during lunch hour; oh, I was in heaven. This necklace was so much fun because I just kept going with it. Adding the bow at the closure with two different colored blue beads was the final touch. I kept three of my "Fringe" necklaces. Just didn't want to part with them.
I like art that I can get lost in. A piece that takes me into it and it has pleasant little surprises along the way. I love the rhythmic balance of this piece and how it is enlivened by the vertical lines and the textures in the fringe. The fringe is so sumptuous.

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