Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coming of Age

These photos are from one of Sun City West, Arizona's art fairs. I had a table full of polymer clay art I had sculpted; plus a pastel painting and a couple of acrylic abstracts. The fair is only one day, but during that day, I hear a lot of meaningful stories from people.
I had covered a large gourd (which opened from the top) with polymer clay canes; it was different to say the least. I found a small wooden chair that I also made a design on with the canes. An older woman bought both saying she had always loved art like this "something unique", she said, but never could buy any.
She said her children who were grown adults thought that "stuff" was too weird to be displayed in her home (even though they did not live with her).
She had recently been ill and decided that "you never know what tomorrow may bring, so enjoy today." She bought the gourd and chair and said she had fallen in love with the pieces and they were going in a prominent place in her home.
I was thrilled and grateful, but I asked her if she was prepared for her adult children's criticism and she said softly, "The question is, are they prepared for mine?"


Kathy said...

This is all SO gorgeous, Marlene!!!! Did you make those Hanukkiahs?

Trishia said...

wow! great story. that last line is a zinger:) we do love our children so but sometimes...you just gotta set 'em straigh!ha!

Its All About Creating said...

Thank you Kathy! I embellished them with the canes I make. They all sold much to my delight. Thanks again. -Marlene

Pat Sernyk said...

Hey Marlene,
Congrats on winning the Judy Belcher stuff. And way to go on your sale at the Sun City West. The work is amazing as always. Looking forward to seeing you soon,
:-) PAT Sernyk

Its All About Creating said...

Thanks Trishia - it left me speechless and that's not easy!

Its All About Creating said...

Hi Pat,
Good to hear from you. Thanks for the congrats and the wonderful compliments! I, too, look forward to seeing you again. -Marlene