Monday, April 19, 2010

Barbara McGuire Workshop

When I was sorting through and downsizing my bead stash, I came upon these. They are from 2000. I took Barb McGuire's workshop at Carolina Moon in DesPlaines, Illinois. We were wire wrapping little "music" wraps on all our pieces.
This was a workshop on how to wire wrap, use texture sheets, create faux mother of pearl, necklace and earring design and construction and using powders.
Above is what I should have gone home with, but got so carried away with shapes and powders and wire wrapping, I never finished.
This was a different shape I was trying.
And different textures. This particular workshop was really great because we all arrived early, bought our supplies at Carolina Moon with the help of the store owner and Barbara, went into the classroom and went through everything we had just purchased.
Above are more I made before leaving that class. Barbara McGuire shares her knowledge, tools, materials and stories. I used every one of her texture sheets. I must have look really funny sitting in the back just mass producing these while everyone else was constructing their necklaces. I was fascinated with this whole process. But my fascination ended as soon as I got home when work and life took over. Here we are ten years later. It was like opening a present when I came upon these. I never did seal them, so I think I am going to play around with them and take them one step further. And yes, finish the wire wrapping.

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