Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm Going To Europe To Teach!

I'm going to Europe to teach in June! And I have a multi media book coming out in 2012! I've also been asked to be on Martha Stewart's show! Too good to be true? Yeah, April Fools.
Back to reality. February 15th, I purchased Christi Uliczny's tutorial on alcohol inks, gold leaf and powders from her Etsy site "River Valley Design" and boy, do these ever shimmer and shine! Her work and tutorial was featured on Cynthia Tinapple's Polymer Clay Daily.
I mean they shimmer like glass! No need to seal them with a resin gloss or spray. I did sand and buff because that is part of the amazing technique she has beautifully detailed in a four page tutorial. I can see that I need to purchase more ink colors since I only have four and only a couple of Pearl Ex powders.
April Fools or not, I would love to go to Europe to teach and I would love to publish a book. Somehow, I don't think Martha would be interested in me, but I'd take that call.


Anonymous said...

You almost had me there, Marlene...but it could come never know. I have been working on alcohol inks and gold leaf as well...we should have gotten together. Next one is using foils...will post them when I am done...hopefully later today or tomorrow. They are two tutorials that I from Tina(Beadcomber) and the other from, yes...River Valley Design. I had tons of yardwork which kept me from playing with clay the middle part of the week. Now to finish up my creations!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Love your creations! Pretty colors!

Rhonda said...

OH, I should have read your last sentence - I told people you were going to be on Martha Stewart LOL LOL LOL - you got me friend.

surfingcat said...

I keep seeing pieces made with that tutorial and they all look great so I think I might have to get it too.

I'll look out for you teaching in the UK, and publishing that book ;)

Robin said...

This is the BEST April Fools post I've ever seen!

Robin A.