Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sculpting For a Mold

I have ALWAYS wanted to enter the International Polymer Clay Guild's (IPCA) Progress and Possibilities juried polymer clay competition. "It's $30 spent on fulfilling a goal-I'm doing it!" My friends encouraged me so I did it. In my heart I know I don't have a chance of even making it into the judging, but it is like the line in the Julia Child's movie where she says something like, "I love the moments in life when you feel like anything is possible". Just for that split second of entering the competition, I felt that little moment. Sigh. I've been wanting some little cactus earrings and what better way to get them than to sculpt them yourself. I used an old dental tool that is my absolute favorite for sculpting. Pre-heated my oven and then baked my little cactus at 250 degrees for 40 minutes and let cool.
Gently pressed the cactus into my Amazing Mold two part silicone compound and let it harden. It only takes a few minutes and it's ready to use.
No, I don't have a photo of the earrings yet. Hopefully soon. Although I have to say, I am on a "mold" roll. I even decided to photograph the molds I have so I'm not duplicating. This silicone mold compound is not cheap! Fun, but not cheap.

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Robin said...

Congrats on entering!!! Have fun in Tucson and may they love your suguaro earrings! BTW, did you see the pictures on my blog from our recent trip to your most beautiful retirement state???

Robin A.