Monday, April 26, 2010

Portable Bead Crochet

My trusty polymer clay covered crochet hook (which makes it easier on my hand), my Tuff Cord, bead stopper, beads and matte board. I toss these into a zippered pencil bag and I'm off.
I use a 5" Big Eye Beading Needle from Beadalon to string my beads onto the Tuff Cord. I have a bead spinner, but I really like doing it this way because I can cull through my beads as I string them on.
This is a small Huggies Wipes container that I glued velour to the insides.
You can see in the above photo the damaged beads that need to be discarded. I try to cull through my beads before I pick them up, but checking them on my needle is really the easiest for me. You definitely do not want any damaged beads in your bead crochet as they will throw everything off. They can also shred your stringing material over time and compromise the integrity of your piece.
If you purchase a bead crocheted necklace or bracelet, always check where it is joined or the two ends to make sure they are neatly done. Each bead should sit neatly on top of the one below it in a spiralling pattern. The first three or four rows are extremely difficult to start, so always check the beginning and end. Bead crochet is addictive once you learn it. The initial stringing on of all the beads, culling through them and then starting are the hardest part, after that, it is pure fun.

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Louise HIll said...

What a fantastic idea of creating a beading case out of a Wipes container. Wow!!!!