Thursday, April 8, 2010


The above painting was a heavily, and I mean heavily textured 16 x 20 painting. It had lots of gold leaf in the under-painting and many glazes. The person who bought it noticed the the textures because the painting was sitting on the floor of the store I was selling at. It wasn't the usual serene landscape painting the store usually displays on its walls, so it was kind of set behind some things on the floor. Really worked out well.
The above painting didn't sell after three tries so it has been re-worked; nothing final yet.
Above is "Scar". Lots of handmade papers and modeling pastes were used in this painting. A couple in Scottsdale have it hanging in their entryway.
Can't imagine why this one didn't sell. Yeah, right. The "spatters" of red weren't a big hit. It was also re-worked. But what I really did like about this canvas was the under-painting; it had a "crosswork" of veining. I had developed a "rolling" technique with some of the liquids I was using and was able to control it enough to make a raised grid. It was really cool.

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