Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Treasures Unearthed

Still sorting and reorganizing and unearthing treasures from the past. Look at these beauties! Old, pre-thirties, Monte Carlo Casino Chips. "Societe Des Bains De Mer" means "company of the sea bathings". It's bakelite and the one below is Celluloid.
I found these over 20 years ago and, again, packed them away because "someday" I was going to make a Las Vegas gambling bracelet to bring me some luck. I didn't think they were real or had any value.
I researched them on the Internet and will see what I want to do with these after I get back from New Mexico at the end of the month.
They are so pretty and in great shape for as old as they are.
Monaco was a very small and impoverished country when Prince Charles III introduced gambling as a source of revenue in 1866. Within 3 years this new source of income became so rewarding that direct forms of taxation were eliminated. To accommodate the burgeoning tourist business, a new casino was opened in 1904 called the International Sporting Club. And in 1975 Loews Corporation opened an American style casino.
So there's your history lesson for the week. Going back to my table to make a huge mess. I am going to be going through my seed beads and, much like cleaning a closet, I plan on just completely emptying my bead drawers onto the table and start sorting. This could be a mistake.


Rhonda said...

Amazing Post Marlene! I absolutely love these French chips, you knew I would. Where in Chicago did you find them? Oh do make a bracelet out of them, that would be perfect!

Its All About Creating said...

I'm sure it was in the Milwaukee Avenue Estate Sale store I used to go to. I found the most unusual things there. -M