Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chain Mail & Lost Wax Silver

I had a great time beading in New Mexico! Will post some pictures tomorrow, but wanted to say hello and how much I've missed this. I am so tickled to see 16 countries have been on this blog. I had to look up Latvia because I had no idea where it was. It's a republic in N Europe on the Baltic. So hello to all the bloggers in the US, Canada, France, UK, South Africa, Australia, Israel, Argentina, Latvia, Thailand, Romania, Malaysia, Japan, Portugal, Spain and Italy.
I made these chain mail bracelets with various gauges of sterling silver wire which determine the size of the jump rings, which determine the thickness and weight of the bracelet. It was so much fun to make my own jump rings from sterling silver wire and connect them by using an ancient chain mail pattern. The instructor taught this chain mail pattern by giving each set of jump rings a name (i.e., couple A, couple B, etc.) and then explained the dance they were doing. Shocked and happy I "got" it the first time around. Funny how we understand things when they are explained in ways we can relate to.
The above ring was a simple wax drip with a dark patina background. With my second ring below, I tried to get fancy by attempting to sculpt a tiny horse. Looks ok in some parts and not so ok in others, so I say it is an abstract of wild mustangs.
And that's about it for today.
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for checking out "It's All About Creating".

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