Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Sketch Diary

I have sketch books, binders and files full of sketches. Inspiration is everywhere. I used to people watch and sketch them. I basically sketch out some form of something for a piece I may want to do later. The above and below photo is of a pencil drawing I did and love, but it is sitting in a closet because I just can't find a good spot for it and yet, I can't sell it.
I took a pottery class here in Sun City West, AZ and below are some sketches I did while sitting in the class (not paying attention). The clay pottery was fun, but polymer clay is where I belong.
I attended one of Cynthia Toops' (a polymer clay artist specializing in micro-mosaics) lectures/exhibit where she shared her sketch books and a display case full of its results. It was amazing and I was so inspired by her.
Her art education and travels were beautifully documented in her sketches. It was wonderful to see how her sketches tied into work. So, little by little I began my own little tiny versions of sketch diaries and I've kept it up.
Above are some quick scribbles and below are a few of the more detailed sketches.
For a while, all I wanted to do was pen.
A couple of pencil sketches.
I used to take the train downtown to work (in Chicago) and sometimes I would sketch as I walked. The below photo is of a pencil drawing I did while walking to the train.
I just got done looking through that folder full of "walking sketches" and I'm sitting here giggling again. What a sight I must have been. Time for art was precious then. I used every minute I could get. Now....time is just plain precious; whether it is for art or just plain living. I am acutely aware of how precious it is. So I am off to create something while the hubby is sitting in his favorite chair enjoying football. If you've never tried a sketch journal, give a try. It is a liberating feeling because the creativity just flows. And the more you do it, the more creative you will become.

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