Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cross, Cabinet, Pendants, Copy Holder, Beads

Because I can't get a decent picture of the finished river rock necklace, I'm filling in with these. Kind of jumping around. Covered some scrap clay with some of my canes to make a cross.
Covered a small wooden cabinet with my black, white & turquoise canes.
Below is a copy stand. I was inspired by the one I saw in Jana Roberts Benzon's class. A huge glob of scrap clay covered with an old polymer clay cane. I have dropped this thing at least three times. The outside has cracked a little and looks a little worse for wear, but other than that, it works.
I take this thing to classes or workshops to hold the instructions or whatever handouts there are. Sculpted a small shelf/holder for the pen/pencil because there are always notes to be taken (which never get taken because I think I will remember). Poking a simple hole for the pen would have been easier, but I liked this look better.
Make sure to gently curve the area where your papers are going to go. It's a good way to use up scraps.
I sculpted this Easter necklace as a display for my table at one of the local art fairs, but ended up selling it to a woman who worked at the West Valley Art Museum.
It was my first attempt at "jade". I used scrap clay as the base bead and patiently covered each and every one with the various jade colors I had so laboriously mixed. Baked them, took the above picture and thought they looked too dull so took it apart and threw them in the tumbler. When I pulled them out, all the jade had sanded off and I had ugly scrap clay.
A little pendant of scrap clay covered with tiny canes. Glued the crystals in with liquid polymer clay. Yes, I know, the wrapped loop is a disgrace and needs to be re-done, but I can't get it out because I "hooked" it to the inside piece. Live and learn, right?

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