Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Tiny Bit of of Polymer Clay

Hope your Halloween celebrations are safe and fun.
The centerpiece is an extra large glass dome on a cake stand. I stuffed the rubber mask with tissue and placed a cluster of plastic grapes on both sides of the monster's head.
I have also used a Glow Stick inside the mask making it eerier than it already is, but was too lazy this year.
Below is a cheap wooden soap dish from IKEA that I filled the 5 drain holes with polymer clay faux turquoise.
I carved and "X" in the middle and filled that with polymer clay faux coral.
The soap dish had just the right amount of curve to it to lay right on the plate and hold the eyeball and grapes; an important consideration you know.
Of course, I think it still needs more polymer somewhere and sadly, I think it will be fingers for next year.

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