Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Polymer Clay Pitcher & Beaded Floor Vase

I wanted to see if I could successfully cover an unusually shaped pitcher made from a composite resin with my polymer clay canes. I wondered if they would bubble or crack or wear over time.
And, no, they haven't. It's a nice bright spot of color and inspiration in my studio.
I bought this wicker floor vase at JoAnn's Fabrics because I wanted something tall in my entryway. Could I leave it alone? No. I strung every last one of those beads by hand. Used up a lot of orphan beads, but also invested in real turquoise and coral chunks to give it that southwestern punch.
It also made a cool noise when moved; like rain when it hits the ground hard.
I decided to sell it at our local art and craft fair and had $145 on it. People kept asking if they were eyeglass holders. I mean everyone, all day thought the strands of beads were eyeglass holders. Finally, after 8 hours of this, I removed it from my table, removed the pricetag and set it on the floor behind me. I had about 6 people looking over what was left on my table and a lady walked up, asked how much for the beaded thing behind me. I was so tired, I said $45 and she shouted "sold" so loud everyone laughed. It was a huge bargain at $145, but ridiculous at $45. Another hard lesson learned. Had I displayed it on the floor where it belonged and clearly marked it "Beaded Floor Vase, $145" and indicated the materials used, I think it would have sold. Also, I should have left the pricetag on because I could have said I made a mistake; that it was priced, $145, not $45. Hindsight is 20/20, but I also have to say I have never seen anyone so thrilled in my life and that eased the pain somewhat.

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