Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Polymer Pins

This pin is called, "Good Morning World!" She's up bright and early, showers, makes her bed and throws open the curtains, welcoming another day.
Its so early, its still dark outside, but with dots and slivers of light starting to show in the sky. I'm sitting here getting the biggest kick out of myself. I am truly in my own little world.
Above is my Halloween bat wing pin. There's a green Swarovski crystal set in the center just because there has to be some kind of sparkle and the rest of the patterns are from polymer clay canes I made.
Same with the one above. A big center crystal set in the center of a cross design. The rest of the pin is composed of my polymer clay canes.
I really liked this one. A local artist (in her 50's) bought it at our Sun City West art and craft fair. Her husband wrinkled his nose and shook his head "no" when she showed it to him. She looked at him and said, "I'm getting it because I absolutely love it." He wasn't happy, but I was.
Below is "I'm Just Sad". I sculpted the face from PaperClay and the rest is textured and torn polymer clay.
The below started out to be a face for one of my vase sculptures, but ended up too big for the vase, but just right for a pin. Unlike the local artist, a woman in her late seventies bought it to wear on a cruise. She said she had been looking for just the right pin for a neck scarf and this was it. I just never would have put the two of them together. Just so interesting.
This was an attempt at a faux cement planter full of foliage and flowers. The cement planter actually ended up being too heavy and the tiny flowers made from polymer clay transparent canes were too tiny. Also, I didn't know when to quit with the foliage and textures.
The pin below was stamped and color added with colored pencils. I layered the two slices of cane and the bamboo in the corner just because I had to put my "stamp" on it. It was sealed with a light coat of matte sealant.
Writing this blog has made me think about why I jump from crocheting tiny, cute doll clothes to sculpting bizarre masks and sculptures to painting peaceful, serene landscapes and then to sculpting beads into jewelry. But it gave me a headache and I went back to creating.

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