Saturday, October 10, 2009

Polymer Clay Covered Tools

Business card case as a tool? Yeah, ok, it's a stretch, but carrying and using your business cards is a tool of your trade. Networking is fun and it's a small world after all.
I bought the case at Goodwill. The cover was badly scratched (perfect for polymer clay) so it was ridiculously cheap, fifty cents, I think.
"It's All About Creating" is not a "business" business, but my life philosophy. However, because I have this blog and my portfolio on Flickr, I felt business cards were a fun way to spread the word. If it's not all about creating, then it's all about marketing. (Look who's talking....still have not posted on my Etsy site.....ouch).
Makin's Clay company manufactures many products, one of which is their texture tools. The texture tips screw into the pencil-like green holders marked "Makin's Clay" (above photo). It's a handy idea, I just got tired of constantly switching so I made little handles and covered them with my canes.
Thicker handles are easier on my hands and fingers.
This acrylic roller is old, but I love it. I form fitted the handle to fit my hand and fingers.
If you find your metal handle uncomfortable, put some of your scrap clay around it. I baked at 250 for about 45 minutes. I kept checking it because I did not want the acrylic to crack or melt.
Ventilation is important when curing polymer clay so, open a door or window or use a fan. My oven is in our garage and I always keep the overhead door open when I am curing.
I used my scrap clay, formed it to my hand, covered it with the cane, formed it again to my hand and then baked it.
Your tools will be easily recognizable when taking a class or workshop; they won't get lost on a table full of tools. Best of all, covering your tools with polymer clay is an expression of your art so go for it.

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Purky said...

Those are delightful :) I am inspired to work on my own tools now!