Sunday, October 11, 2009

Polymer Beads

Bandana Beads are so much fun to make and look great with everything.
I had some leftover transparent leaf canes I used up too.
The Studio Clay colors are so pretty.
Below are extruded cane disk beads. I mixed pearl in every color I used.
I like it, but I made the disks too large to be worn all together. So I will either use it in a display or split it up into several necklaces.
The below blue ones turned out nice. I'm thinking I want to try a transparent snowflake cane against the blue Studio Clay for the holidays.
And in closing........
simple black and white Bandana bead bracelet (notice the smaller disks....much better). So, get busy, go play.

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miramecreations said...

I really love your bandana beads!! I still have yet to try them...need to.