Friday, October 16, 2009

Polymer Clay River Rocks

Above is my interpretation of river rocks sculpted in polymer clay. Below was my inspiration; a photo taken during my stay in Calistoga, CA. I feel peaceful just thinking about it.
Below - mine are the bottom four sitting in front of the photo.
I drilled holes pre-baking, but there are about five I need to re-drill because my leather cording for the necklace won't go through.
I'm hoping to get it strung this afternoon, but, who knows.
In the middle of making these yesterday, for whatever reason, I started to re-organize one of my storage cabinets. Plastic containers and boxes all over my already crowded table (see below).
And, no, I didn't clear anything out of the way. That would have made too much sense. Instead I just peeled clay off the bottoms of my boxes before putting them back in the cabinet.
So, as you can see, I used anything and everything. Premo, Fimo, SculpeyIII, Kato, Prosculpt, Studio and, of course, good 'ol scrap clay. The only tool was the dental tool (below) I use for sculpting. I have been collecting dental tools for a long time. I bought an antique set in Ainsworth, Nebraska many years ago and that got me started. Doesn't take much.
I am going to add some polymer clay copper leaves as spacers on the necklace; just to stay consistent with the inspiration photo. I haven't made them yet, so we'll see how far I get today.

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