Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bake on a Candle Warmer

I actually bake (cure) small polymer pieces on my candle warmer. I brought several of these with me to New Mexico for the classes I was going to teach. I throw small beads and disks on there and can leave them for an hour (or more), turning them midway and they have held up; without any problems with cracking.
If I have any doubts if the beads had enough baking time, I will throw them in the oven when I get home. I like the candle warmers as opposed to the cup warmers because they are larger.
I bought the above "Friendly Clay" warmer in the late 90's and use it for pre-warming my clay.
It came with a microwavable insert that eventually wore out. I purchased the below microwavable inserts through the Do Not Disturb company and have used them ever since.
I microwave them for one minute and slip them into the pocket.
The one minute heat setting seems to be enough to soften the clay.
It has a Velcro closure to keep the heat in, but I will also throw a towel over it to make sure.
Obviously, you could use one of those microwavable back wraps from the drug store and wrap it in a towel with your clay. That would work just as well. Just keep an eye on it that it doesn't get too hot. Speaking of hot, Happy Cinco de Mayo! Go eat some salsa and party!


In the Light of the Moon said...

Wonderful tips!!I had no idea.I'm getting that itch to take out the clay... ♥♥♥ Cat

Rhonda said...

You make it happen - wow - one day I have to visit and you can show me. Like I need one more creative addiction!

Arlene Harrison said...

I had no idea you could cure clay on a candle warmer! So much to learn, so little time (grin)!

miramecreations said...

That is a cool idea about the candle warmer. I have one, so I will definitely try it next time. Thanks for the tips, Marlene and for commenting on my newest creations from the past workshop.