Friday, May 7, 2010

BIG Cane

My goal is to use up some of my old canes combined with canes from the scrap clay. It started out as shown in the below photo (that's one messy cane) and ended up as shown above.
So moving right along. Still under the weather but I have little beading projects I have assembled and a couple new books to devour and time is going by quickly. Plus all the scrap clay.
Amazes me how art can take one's mind off of something and into another direction. How conquering a difficult technique or creating something from discards can make one feel so good.
Change of subject: The other day (May 3), I was reading Polymer Clay Daily (PCD) and scrolling through the narrative when I noticed my Boomerang piece was featured in the PCD Flickr sidebar. It is such a kick to see one of my pieces on such a prestigious site. Sorry, I know I'm tootin my own horn, but I feel like a little kid who's been raising her hand in every class and finally someone called on me and I feel visible. Feels good; so, so good.
(Hubby, if you're reading this....Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing my life-I've never been so happy).

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Arlene Harrison said...

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together!!! I've done a few kalidescope canes and I love that you can turn the triangle a different way and you have a totally different design. I'm sitting here (at work) thinking about all the old canes in my drawer that could be put to good use. Most of my newer canes are borderless but I've got a pretty good supply of the old ones packed with translucent or colored clay that would be great for this type use.