Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer Necklace from Scraps

I hand rolled each of those little uniformly bell shaped beads. Couldn't I just use on of the countless bead rollers on the market? Noooooooooo, that would make too much sense.
I wanted this shape because each bead "moves" against the other.
They flip up and down and are always in a different position.
The base is a peyote stitch done with size 11 seed beads. There are color variations in the "coral" bead at the tip of each polymer bead because I wanted to add interest; something that would carry the eye through the piece.
There is some variation in the blue beads as well, but very subtle. I used a beaded loop with a vintage button for the closure. And, best of all, got rid of more scraps.

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Rhonda said...

How gorgeous and your post is so funny. Machine roll, who you? NOT! Love this necklace.