Friday, May 21, 2010

Lampwork Necklace I

This lampwork necklace was made by Kate Fowle. It is a "sampler" necklace of her lampworking techniques done in black and white with tiny touches of subtle dark red. I took two weekend master classes from her and thought I could learn lampworking. As I was settling into my workspace, I admired the sampler necklace she was wearing. Oooooh, I want to make one of those, I thought.
Three minor burns later I realized this was not for me. At the end of the workshops, I asked her if I could just buy the necklace she was wearing right off her neck.
It's gorgeous. The Bali silver beads she used are a perfect compliment to her beads. I now appreciate the skill involved in creating flameworked beads. I sat in awe as I watched her effortlessly create one of her "gumball machine" beads and she also gave a demo on one of her sculptured Goddess beads.
Anyway, I purchased her sampler and have enjoyed every minute of wearing it.
I love this necklace; mostly because of a wonderful learning experience and I appreciate what went into creating each and every one of those designs.

1 comment: said...

This is so right on. I often have to try something before realizing how much work someone else has had to put into their craft.

I will always buy knit wear from now on. heehee.