Saturday, May 8, 2010

Peyote Pendant Slider

My polymer leaf cane, a couple of glass flower beads and leaves, some crystals and seed beads sewn onto a peyote stitched ring.
I added two hanging loops so I could hang it differently if I wanted.  Now that I see it on the computer, I'm thinking it needs a large flower to balance out the polymer leaves. Maybe next time, because I'm not touching it. I know I will over work it and end up tearing it out.  Unless I wear it a couple of times and it drives me crazy, then I will address it.
This is the back of the peyote strip that was a "zipper" join into a circle. I used triangles and Silimide beading thread. I saw this technique in Bead and Button's October, 2007 issue where Veronique Landis used silver crimp tube beads to peyote stitch a background for her wirework, flowers and leaves. At the Tucson Bead Show I bought a pendant slider kit from Nanette Young-Greiner (Scorpio Beads) and Shirley Cook (Jumping Jack Glass), who collaborate on glass flower and leaf designs to create their kits. I will post a photo of that piece in the future. It was also a peyote stitched base, but their lampwork beads and color combinations are phenomenal.

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