Thursday, May 27, 2010

In a Slump

So unhappy with these herringbone neck pieces. Put a lot of work into them and I hate them. These are done with old beads I thought I would use up. Wrong.
The more I went on, the worse it got. But the colors are so perfect, I told myself, I can make this work. The jade colored glass beads were so sharp and mis-shapen, the thread kept breaking. But did I listen? No. Just wanted to be creating something and it was so pretty. Doing, not creating. Arghhhh, doing it again. Tomorrow I am switching to clay. I'm going to try to use up some really old clay. Why am I trying to salvage these "unsalvagable" things?

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Robin said...

Did you finish them? You're right about the colors being perfect. I think, if there's a problem, that it's because the pendant and the necklace look like they are different "books" on the same subject, maybe, but two different books. There's nothing except color to tie them together. It's a VERY common issue with pendant necklaces. That said, I think they'd sell and that most people would like them the way they are. Can you put your finger on what you hate about them?

As far as salvaging unsalvagable things... we all do that... and often it's a recipe for disaster.

Robin A.