Saturday, May 1, 2010

Beads in the Making I

I loved the colors in this sheet. Made it a long time ago and wrapped it in Saran Wrap, which, we now know is not a good choice for polymer. Look in the center of the below photo--see the hole?
Now, the average person would look at the hole in that Saran Wrap where the polymer ate through it and realize that the clay is beyond saving. Nope, not me, I see it as a challenge.
So I slapped some gold leaf composite on it and ran it through the pasta machine. Mmmmm, pretty. Maybe this will work. Also, the average person would realize, adding a dry component to dry polymer isn't going to result in a stable material. But no, I just don't want to give up, let go or move on.
What can I do with this dry sheet? I could use it with some scrap clay for base beads and make some beads on the bead roller.
So I "glued" the base of my bead roller down on my glass working surface with four dots of clay and started rolling. That's where I'm at right now.

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