Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Featured in Polymer Clay Daily!

Woo Hoo! Yippee! Yay! I have been dancing around all day! Cynthia Tinapple's Polymer Clay Daily featured one of my beaded polymer pieces.
I got an email from my friend Linda Moseley of Diva Designs Jewelry congratulating me and I thought "What???" Oh my gosh I was blown away. What a great feeling and honor to be featured on PC Daily!
-Thank you Cynthia for taking the time to write such nice things about my piece. I know I have talked about Polymer Clay Daily before, but it's worth repeating.
-Context based from Polymer Clay Daily:Cynthia Tinapple of Worthington, Ohio started Polymer Clay Daily in September, 2005. Polymer Clay Daily is a highly curated blog written by Cynthia to showcase fine polymer clay art and to serve as a portal to the polymer clay community.”
-And about my friend Linda-she has a great blog called scdiva in which she shares her talent and experience in working with polymer. Her tutorials are fantastic. Diva Designs Jewelry is fantastic. This day has been fantastic and I'm pretty sure today's blog will be up tomorrow too because I'm going to bask in this one.
-Just like the Oscars--I also have to thank Robin Atkins for Bead Journal Project 3 (see sidebar) for accepting me in her project. I committed to one beaded piece per month for a year and each one has to be the same size for the year. I felt by joining BJP I would be able to combine my polymer with my beading and also process some issues in a positive way through creating.


Carol Creech said...

Congratulations! That is awesome. You do amazing work.

Carol said...

Congratulations!! And you wanted to change it. Told ya!

miramecreations said...

Congratulations again, Marlene! You are getting to be quite the artist these days. I am glad you finally getting some recognition for your lovely pieces. You do wonderful bead work and polymer art clay. Awesome work!

Anonymous said...

I have followed Marlene's art for over twenty years (and yes, I do own a few pieces, on which I receive many compliments). She is a creative and visionary artist and it's fascinating watching her continually evolve, from pieces that are purely fun and whimsical, to the soulful pendants in the polymer and bead journal project. Marlene, positive thoughts your way.

Kathy said...

Wewt, wewt! You're getting all famous! ^_^

Barb said...

Congratulations! And well deserved, too--how could you not love that guy? I love your imagination. It must be fun to be in your head. :)