Friday, March 19, 2010

A Painting From Scraps

Above is the finished painting. I can just hear the curator now..... "I love the texture, depth, movement; it has an overwhelming sense of presence and an intense nervous vitality."
It's good I can entertain myself right? Above is a painting that didn't sell so I textured it with Golden gel mediums. When the gels dried I layered in some crackle and modeling pastes and put it in the corner to dry.
I worked on some smaller paintings and when I was done, for whatever reason, I could not bring myself to throw away my palette. All the years I've painted, I've never done this.
I just took the paper full of paint and smeared it all over the textured painting. It was really fun. Liberating. Just kept smooshing and smearing and rubbing until the green and blue were mud.
Slapped (technical term) a bit more orangey-red (new Pantone color) and viola! May not be your cup of tea, but I am ecstatic. Course, it doesn't take much these days.

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