Sunday, March 14, 2010

Native American Sculptures

I started this sculpture a long time ago and still work on him. It's an oil based clay over a Styrofoam and wire armature.
The oil based clay for bronzing never hardens so it can be worked on forever. It is harder for me to work with than the polymer clay. Harder on my hands, not as pliable; different tools also.
The above and below are a couple of poor photos of a polymer sculpture I did of a woman carrying a basket of twigs.  I made her shawl from my polymer canes. The only color on this piece was in the canes. I used a thick cardboard cone for the armature. The person who purchased it was so intrigued by the polymer canes. I love that about polymer.


coltpixy said...

They are both beautiful. Will you ever finish him?

Its All About Creating said...

Thank you. He is 30" high and yes, I will finish him. I wanted his head to have 98% of the detail of the piece. To finish him I just need to build out the bulk of his shoulders, arms, hands under the cloak and then texture the cloak like leather or buffalo skin. The estimate was over $2,000 to have him bronzed. When I win the lottery.

Kathy said...

I love these. Your faces always have such a personality, like you expect their eyes to turn and look at you as you walk in.

Its All About Creating said...

Thanks Kathy.