Friday, March 12, 2010

Alcohol Inks and Powders

I celebrated so much, I'm exhausted. But I did get a chance to experiment with the alcohol inks and metallic powders. Love them.
Still trying to get my faux jade exactly the way I want it. Plus the green is appropriate for the upcoming week.
I was looking for a piece of velvet in my swatches of materials and, seriously, this post card was tucked in between. Just in time for St. Paddy's Day next week.
It's a post card to her mother letting her know that she dug 18 bushels of potatoes from her garden and tomorrow she was going to work on the Dam for $1.75 a day and didn't know for how long. Makes me thankful for what I have.

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Kathy said...

Cool!!!! I'm glad you decided not to rip out your beading. ^_^ And for my jade, I finally got results I loved when I started using beige clay instead of plain translucent. It added a slightly muted stone effect I found pleasing, and it was an accident. LoL... I didn't have any translucent that day, so I used beige, and it turned out to be the thing I was looking for. ^_^