Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Art Fair 2010

The lady who bought this painting went into detail how (in her own home) she duplicated her grandmother's front porch when she was a young girl. Wicker furniture, quilts, hanging plants and vases of flowers. She thought the painting would "finish" the indoor/outdoor room and she was thrilled. I mean really thrilled and it made me feel so good, I can't put it into words.
The lady who bought this painting was actually carrying it on her lap on her flight home tomorrow to Colorado.
The Art Club has a lottery system for what spot we are given and this time I drew an inside spot. I was glad because it was so cold in the morning I was thankful to be inside. The lady to the far right was helping a friend with his bronze sculptures. I ended up moving my booth 4' to the left because we were on top of each other.
These photos were taken before the doors were opened to the public; while everyone was still setting up. I was so glad I was able to move my booth those 4 feet. I was lucky. Wish I would have taken a photo after I had moved it because it looked so much better; just didn't think of it.
My husband helped me all day and I did well. Since I love talking to people and listening to their stories it made for a quick day. I had a great spot, great customers and had a great time. I also got to talk to my best customers-the twin 90 year old brothers-who stopped by to say hello and tell me how much they are still enjoying their paintings. Made my day.


Kathy said...

Wonderful! I love feeling the thrill of vicarious success. LoL. We missed you at Clay Guild yesterday, but I'm glad it was a good day for you!

Anonymous said...

Glad it was a success. Your booth looked fantastic! We did miss you at the meeting. Loved your textured sheets...we were all comparing the different ones! That was a fun swap!