Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Polymer Button Swap

The Button Swap from the Arizona Polymer Clay Guild.
What a great variety of colors, shapes, sizes, textures and designs.

Look how innovative the shanks are. They range from plastic, metal, wire, jump rings to a bead.
I found this plastic shank to be the most interesting. Glue it on and you're done.


bbdyevr said...

Oh I love all the designs colors and shapes! All you need is a solid jacket or blouse to POP them on and Voila! Away you go! Wearable Art is fabulous!
Lucky you.

Arlene Harrison said...

That is such a cool collection of buttons. I've read about doing polymer clay buttons but never actually made any. Do you have to take them off when you wash the garment or do they go through the washer and/or dryer ok?

Its All About Creating said...

I have washed mine many times and not had any problems. However, I do not put them in the dryer; I line-dry only. I have not had to seal them or put any special coating on them. They have really held up exceptionally well.